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MODO BOOTH is a modern photo booth available for rent in Auckland. Owned and operated by Ellie, a professional wedding photographer, it provides brides, businesses and event planners with a stylish tool to capture candid memories.

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3 Creative Ideas for Your Wedding Guestbook

Long after your wedding day, your wedding guestbook is one of the best ways to look back and remember all of the beautiful memories from your celebration. No matter how big or small, your guestbook will contain notes and well-wishes from your closest friends and family. It’s definitely worth thinking ahead of time about what sort of guestbook you’d like and how it might fit in with your reception. To inspire you, here are a few creative ideas for your wedding guestbook!

You may not realise, but there are alternatives to the traditional guestbook, where guests simply sign their name and their congratulations. While this is a simple way to record who attended your reception, it does limit the creativity of your guests. Increasingly, more and more couples are considering these alternative wedding guestbook ideas to add extra fun and memories to their day. 

1. Photo Guestbook

A photo guestbook is a modern alternative to placing a disposable camera on each table at your reception! Using your stylish wedding photo booth, each guest or family will take a photo together and then tape a printed copy into a large, blank guestbook, that they can sign and also leave a note for the couple.

Images are such a powerful way to remember the happiness and love from your friends and family. Your guests will also have a great time taking the photo. 

For a photo guestbook, we recommend our Photo Booth package. We offer both unlimited print and digital images, along with props, a backdrop, and a dedicated attendant. Using premium materials and modern design, you can customise the look and feel of your booth to suit your reception decor. This would also enhance the style of your venue!

Then, set up an oversized blank book with markers or pens. Have each guest can insert their image and write a message. The fun of flipping through the book and seeing the fun and heartfelt messages written by your guests is a wedding memory you’ll always treasure. 

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Photo Booth Prints for Your Guestbook

2. Audio Guestbook

For unique wedding guestbook ideas, also consider setting up an audio guestbook for your reception. This is a simple, easy, and quick way for your guests to send a message. They just pick up the receiver of your rotary-style phone and leave a message at the beep.

Your audio guestbook package includes everything you need: limitless message space, complimentary signage, and free New Zealand shipping. The stylish telephone is available in blanc, noir, or rose. Additional signage is also available, ensuring guests don’t miss out on seeing the phone.

Your setup is very straightforward too. All that needs to be done is to plug in the phone and then it’s ready for use. 

We recommend setting up your audio guestbook somewhere away from the DJ, so everyone’s messages can be recorded clearly. As many people feel more comfortable speaking than writing, this is one of our most creative wedding guestbook alternatives for those who prefer audio messages. 

Your messages will be available to download shortly after the wedding. An audio guestbook is not only a fun opportunity to receive humorous messages from your friends, but it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime chance to record sweet messages from parents and grandparents, allowing you to hold onto the sound of their voices forever. 

Audio Guest Book in Noir

3. Video Guestbook

Have you thought about a video guestbook for your wedding reception? It’s a unique and modern way to connect with your guests but is also an affordable alternative to hiring a wedding videographer. 

Using our Selfie Booth, guests can film and record messages to the wedding couple, or even record boomerangs or gifs. Each selfie booth includes photos, video, a personalised screen template and digital overlays, and an online link to all of your content. Using a QR code, guests can also quickly share the videos they’ve made with one another.

For your video guestbook, ask guests to record a message of congratulations, share a memory they have of the wedding couple, or just have fun with it and be themselves! You’ll receive a link to all the photos and videos afterwards. 

It would be great to set up the video guestbook early into your reception, such as during the cocktail hour as guests are mingling. Like with the audio guestbook, it’ll be easier for guests to create their messages if the background noise is minimal. Once your band or DJ gets going, things might become a bit loud.

Similar to the Photo Booth, the Selfie Booth’s design is sleek and modern. It will blend in beautifully at your wedding venue, even a five-star hotel or restaurant. 

Of course, with a video guestbook or any of the other options, you can also combine them with a handwritten guestbook. Many couples also value the importance of wedding traditions their parents might have had. If so, it’s fine to put your paper guestbook near your photo booth, for example, and let guests know ahead of time that you’d love for them to create messages in both. 


If any of these fun wedding guestbook ideas sound like an addition you’d love to have for your wedding, our team is here to help. Contact us with any questions about getting started or to book one of the wedding guestbook options mentioned above. We look forward to helping you record sentimental memories from your beloved wedding guests.