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MODO BOOTH is a modern photo booth available for rent in Auckland. Owned and operated by Ellie, a professional wedding photographer, it provides brides, businesses and event planners with a stylish tool to capture candid memories.

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5 Wedding Photo Booth Styling Ideas + Props

A photo booth is a perfect addition to any wedding, providing fun, laughter, and personalised mementoes for each guest to take home. However, you can make your photos even more exciting by customising the booth for your romantic wedding with the help of these wedding photo booth styling ideas and prop suggestions. 

1. Make A Fun Backdrop To Suit Your Wedding’s Theme

One of our best wedding photo booth ideas — don’t forget about your background! Your beautifully dressed guests deserve a background just as stylish as they are, so one great solution is to use your ceremony arch! You can move it to your photo booth location after the ceremony and it’ll get double the use.

Or, create a backdrop to suit your theme, such as a chic black curtain for a formal wedding or a fun floral wall for a spring garden celebration. 

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Wedding Photo Booth Backdrop and Props

2. Use Your Wedding Logo Or Branding For Your Photo Booth’s Design

Many modern couples love the fun of designing their own wedding logo or social media hashtag, creating a unique design using their names or initials. You can continue your beautiful wedding branding by also including your logo on your photo booth!

A logo, symbol, or hashtag can be included on your photo booth’s signage and design, but it can also be included on your printed image — making a wonderful souvenir for your wedding guests to take home. 

3. Include Flowers Or Greenery

A wedding is a joyous celebration filled with colour and blooms, so consider adding some floral or greenery elements to your photo booth. Flowers can make excellent selfie props for a  wedding, adding a vibrant pop of colour or a chic minimalist look with white blooms. 

Artificial flowers can also look great in photos, and that way you don’t have to worry about them wilting or getting broken as the night goes on. Even artificial flowers can look realistic and it’s possible to find replicas that will match your wedding florals. 

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Floral arrangement ideas for Photo Booth backdrops
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Styling and interior ideas for Photo Booths

4. Consider Adding Furniture Or Interior Design Styling

For a really upscale look for your booth, why not incorporate some interior design elements for your guests? Think about furniture such as a stylish lounge chair (your friends will love piling onto it for a fun photo opp!), or hanging some images of you both as a couple on the wall behind the shoot — that way, the wedding couple can feature in everyone’s photo!

Your venue is likely to have an armchair or furnishings that can be used within your shoot, so don’t be afraid to ask them in advance to assist with planning. 

5. A Chalkboard Sign Can Be Fun And On-Trend

When it comes to photo booth ideas your guests will love, add a chalkboard or felt letter board that you personalise for your wedding. A cheery board that includes your surname, wedding hashtag, or a heart message of congratulations can look cute in the background of your photo, or smaller-sized boards would also make for a fun prop that guests can hold up as they have their photos taken. 

A chalkboard or sign is easy to make yourself in advance of the wedding too. 

Props For Wedding Photography

In addition to the styling of your gorgeous photo booth, your guests will also love the fun of props and accessories! Adding them to your booth adds some excitement and can encourage guests to get involved. 

Here are some wedding photo booth prop ideas that you and your guests are sure to enjoy. However, some of our photo booth packages include props (and even backdrops) already, providing everything you need for your big day. 


You can’t go wrong with balloons! Whether it’s an arch or individual balloons as props, they’re a festive addition to any wedding day celebration. You can also select balloons to match your wedding colour palette. 

There are also new balloon options that are biodegradable, so using balloons as props can also be environmentally friendly. 


It’s no surprise, but everyone loves confetti! Throw it into the air and you can’t help but smile — confetti is a fun addition to any wedding photo shoot, so pick some up in a wide range of colours to let your guests use in their images. 


Masks, such as Venetian masks, fake moustaches, or masquerade style, are a top addition to your photo booth. Your guests can hold them up as they take their photo, a silly and exciting way for attendees to customise their shoot. 

It’s helpful to set up a prop table next to your booth, making it quick and easy for your guests to grab something they love before jumping in front of the camera. 

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Creative Photo Booth Props

Cardboard Cutouts & Hashtags

One of our favourite wedding photo prop ideas is cardboard cut-outs! Whether you get creative with a DIY project or you have them custom-made, the sky’s the limit when thinking about what to make. 

If your wedding has a hashtag, a cardboard sign of your hashtag is a personalised way to interject a unique element into your photos, but you could also add in just about anything! Think of a funny cardboard cut-out that guests can place their faces inside, images of yourself or your pet, or anything else that fits your personality or who you are as a couple. 

Costumes & Props 

Oversized champagne glasses, neon sunglasses, or hysterical hats? Maybe a silver feather boa? Add some costume props and accessories to your prop table and watch your guests start lining up to take a photo! 

You can easily find props at any party store — look for props that match your wedding colours! 

Start planning your bespoke wedding photo booth today! We have stylish booth hire options that will complement even the most upscale wedding venues, so contact our friendly and experienced team to arrange your photo booth.