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MODO BOOTH is a modern photo booth available for rent in Auckland. Owned and operated by Ellie, a professional wedding photographer, it provides brides, businesses and event planners with a stylish tool to capture candid memories.

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Why You Should Have an Audio Guestbook for Your Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most magical days of your life, with couples often looking for ways to preserve those special memories through photos and videography. But have you thought about the importance of audio recordings? The laughter, voices, and well-wishes from friends and family are what bring your wedding to life, thanks to the help of an audio guestbook. 

How does an audio guestbook work and why is it an essential add-on to your wedding day? Here’s everything you need to know about this unique and memorable wedding day addition. 

What Is A Wedding Audio Guestbook?

A wedding audio guestbook is a stylish and easy to use way for your event guests to leave a personalised audio message. Using a beautiful vintage style rotary telephone, guests simply pick up the phone and leave a message after the beep, then put it back in the cradle.

With unlimited storage space, you’ll receive a Dropbox file after the event that contains all of your messages. 

The guestbook is simple to set up. Complete with signage, you can match your guestbook telephone to your wedding palette, selecting from blanc, noir, or rose. Shipping to and from your New Zealand address is also included in the rental fee. 

Couples can add additional signage to promote their audio guestbook. It is designed to add chic, timeless style to your wedding reception decor. For a contemporary, vibrant way to promote your guestbook, consider adding on a neon ‘Leave a message’ sign. This is sure to catch the attention of your guests. 

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Neon ‘Leave a Message’ sign and the Modo Booth Audio Guestbook in Blanc
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Personalised signages featuring the Modo Booth Audio Guestbook in Rose

Why An Audio Guestbook For Weddings Will Add So Much Value To Your Special Day

Couples will cherish the sentimental and fun messages from their audio guestbook long after the wedding. Not only are they the latest trend for wedding receptions, but they add so much to your event, with every couple benefiting from the memories they can create. Here’s why you should add one to your wedding. 

1. You can record the voices of your loved ones — and keep them forever

Are wedding audio guest books worth it? Yes, since they allow you to record and keep the voices of your loved ones. A heartwarming message from Nanna is something you’ll love listening to over and over as time passes by, or that hilarious message from your brother that you know will always make you laugh — the voices of friends and family are irreplaceable and are one of the best reasons to have an audio guestbook. 

2. It’s the most unique way to save memories from your wedding day

If you’re looking for something different that you and your wedding guests will enjoy, an audio guestbook is one of the top wedding guestbook alternatives. It’s a fun and unexpected addition to the celebrations at your reception. Guests will be lining up to cheer you on, record their congratulations, or share beautiful memories they have of you both as a couple. 

3. You’ll be laughing at funny messages from friends for years to come

A wedding reception is all about the merriment, laughter, and fun of being together with the people you value most in life. If you happen to add in some cocktails or wine, it’s almost guaranteed that your messages will become funnier and funnier as the night goes on! 

But even without alcohol, you and your other half are sure to love sitting down after the wedding and having a good laugh at all of the amazing and hilarious messages that your beloved guests recorded at your reception. 

Just like a stylish photo booth, an audio guestbook is also so entertaining for your guests. They are sure to love the enjoyment they get from leaving you a memorable message! 

4. Feelings are easier expressed when speaking than writing

Have you ever sat down to write a letter or sign a card, but struggled to decide what to write? For many of us, it’s much easier to say what we’re thinking, rather than try to put our feelings into words. 

If that sounds like you, you might be wondering, what can I use instead of a wedding guest book? To make it easier and quicker for your guests to express themselves, substitute a paper guestbook for an audio one. Your guests will love it. It couldn’t be easier to use, even for guests who might not be very tech-savvy. 

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Modo Booth Audio Guestbook in Noir

5. Your MC can easily encourage everyone in attendance to leave a message 

While it’s easy to walk by and miss a traditional guestbook, your guests won’t want to miss the fun of your audio guestbook! We recommended to let your MC or DJ know about the guestbook. Ask them to encourage attendees to leave a message throughout the night. 

Each guestbook has unlimited storage space too, so it’s okay for friends and family to leave more than one message. 

You can also place the guestbook in a prominent place. You can position it near the bar or on a table near the dance floor. This ensures everyone has the chance to record their well wishes. 

6. An audio guestbook is budget-friendly, even for small weddings 

While weddings can be a large investment, audio guestbooks are competitively priced. They are an easy and affordable addition to a wedding, elopement, or even an engagement party. 

Everything you need to get your guestbook up and running is included in the rental price. This includes the phone, signage that you can frame, instructions, shipping costs, and a 72-hour turnaround time for all of your messages. 

However, if you have any questions about the setup or usage of your audio guestbook, our experienced team is always here to assist. 

If you’re ready to add the beauty of audio memories to your wedding day, then a stylish and unique audio guestbook is the perfect addition to your celebration. Contact us now to get started!