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MODO BOOTH is a modern photo booth available for rent in Auckland. Owned and operated by Ellie, a professional wedding photographer, it provides brides, businesses and event planners with a stylish tool to capture candid memories.

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6 Common Mistakes When Hiring A Photo Booth

To help make your event a success, here are the most common mistakes people make when hiring a photo booth – and how they can be avoided. 

1. Forgetting about the look and style of the booth itself

Not all photo booths are created equal! Imagine your event – perhaps a swank wedding at a gorgeous winery or a corporate function in a stylish hotel ballroom. Now, imagine your photo booth: is it equally stylish, or does it look completely out of place?

A common mistake is neglecting the look of the booth itself, as you don’t want it to be an eyesore at your premium event. This is particularly important when hiring a photo booth to promote your business, since the booth is a reflection of your company. 

Our high-end photo booths in NZ are modern and eye-catching, and look perfectly in place at any event from a corporate dinner to a beautiful bridal shower. 

2. Not branding the photo booth

A photo booth is certainly a fun addition to your corporate event, but it’s also a fantastic branding opportunity – if you do it correctly. Sure, you know to include the brand name of your company on the template for the printed photos, but it’s also a great idea to brand the photo booth itself. 

We’re the only company to offer corporate photo booths in NZ that are branded with your company’s logo or design, ensuring everyone at the event sees your business name, even if they don’t have a photo taken.

A branded photo booth is a powerful marketing opportunity, so don’t miss out! 

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Photo booth setup for Westfield Taste Shop Play

3. Trying to DIY everything

A photo booth is just a camera, right? Well, unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes with photo booths is thinking that you can save money by making one yourself. While photo booths may look simple, they’re actually complex pieces of tech with fast printers that have the capacity to quickly print hundreds of photos within a short duration.

With a DIY photo booth, you’re not going to get professional results, and the look of your setup definitely won’t be reflective of your company’s pristine reputation. And for a special event like a wedding, you really need a stylish booth to impress your guests. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune, though, as photo booths are more affordable than you might think. How much should you spend on a photo booth? We have packages that start from $500 per event, but are glad to work with you to create the perfect package for your special occasion. 

4. Neglecting to use all the available marketing options

For business events, like sales events or networking occasions, you want results – which is why a photo booth can help! As well as being loads of fun, your event photo booth is also a savvy marketing tool that can improve brand awareness, generate leads and attract new potential clients. 

But to get these results, you need to use all of the available marketing features for your photo booth, which some businesses neglect to do. Many businesses are actually surprised to learn that so many great marketing features are available with our photo booths, including:

  • Company branding and colouring on the photo booth itself
  • Branded photo booth screen
  • Branded templates and photo gallery, which can include your business’ social media handle, hashtags, or logo
  • Data collection, which allows you to connect with attendees who engaged with your photo booth after the event

All of these useful marketing tools are included in our corporate packages, so take advantage of all the marketing tools available and get the best possible results from your event. 

Coca 5 5
Coca Cola branding on Photo Booth

5. Leaving everything until the last minute

We all know how much time and effort it takes to plan an event – what was once six months away is quickly on your calendar for next week! However, one common mistake with both event planning (and photo booths) is leaving everything until the last minute. 

It pays to take your time and arrange all of your logistics in advance, especially when it comes to hiring a photo booth. This is because photo booths take time to prepare, especially if you’re hoping to include all of their useful marketing features like branding and personalised designs. 

While we’re always glad to help with last-minute photo booth hire requests, they don’t leave enough time for branding, which is why we encourage everyone planning an event to reach out as far in advance as possible. We promise the results will be worth it! 

6. Forgetting about the props and accessories

Sure, a photo booth is plenty of fun on its own, but you can take the excitement up a notch with fun accessories that guests can wear in their shots. Even for formal corporate events, a few props can really help people relax, loosen up and make the most out of the occasion.

We can include premium props with our photo booth hire, or you can bring along your own – think funny hats, accessories or handheld signs. 

Yinganthony 171
Photo booth props at an Engagement Party

To make your upcoming event the best it can possibly be, a photo booth is a great addition – but be sure to avoid these common mistakes. If you’re arranging a photo booth for your wedding, corporate event, or social gathering in the Auckland area, we’d be glad to help with all of your photo needs!