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MODO BOOTH is a modern photo booth available for rent in Auckland. Owned and operated by Ellie, a professional wedding photographer, it provides brides, businesses and event planners with a stylish tool to capture candid memories.

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7 Reasons a Photo Booth is an Awesome Addition to Regular Photography for Events

If you’re organising a special event, like a work conference, wedding or awards dinner, you’ve probably already arranged a professional photographer to document the function. If that’s the case, should you still hire a photo booth for the event? Absolutely! Here’s why a photo booth is an awesome addition to events. 

1. People tend to be more formal in front of a photographer

When a photographer is pointing a lens toward a group of people, they tend to strike formal poses, standing still and smiling for the camera. Posed photos are important, particularly at events like weddings, when you’ll want lots of family photos. However, there’s also lots of value in more candid shots that attendees can take in the photo booth, where they don’t feel the perceived pressure of looking their best for the professional photographer. 

2. Attendees can relax and take no-pressure photos

In the photographer vs photo booth debate, the photo booth is the winner when it comes to relaxed, silly, fun shots! In a photo booth (especially a selfie booth), attendees can take the photos themselves, get dolled up with fun props and accessories, and generally let loose in a way they wouldn’t when a formal photo is being taken. 

Photo booth props

3. A professional photographer can only be in one place at a time

Why is a photo booth good for events? Imagine you’re organising a large event with several hundred attendees – your pro photographer can only be in one place at a time, so a photo booth is an easy way to capture more images from your event. Groups of friends, relatives or colleagues can stage their own pictures in the photo booth while your photographer is taking photos elsewhere, which creates more memories from your event to share and keep. After the event, both the traditional and the digital selfie photo booths provide a link to your digital gallery so you can look back on all the images, share them with attendees or use them for your company’s marketing. 

4. A photo booth is part of an event’s entertainment

Sure, a photo booth is a great way to get lots of images of your event, but it helps to think of your photo booth as more than just a ‘second’ photographer – it’s also a source of entertainment! 

There are many types of photo booths, but one thing they all have in common is that they’re loads of fun. The photo booth essentially becomes another form of entertainment, keeping your guests occupied and giving them something fun to do. Taking photos together is also a great icebreaker if many of your event attendees don’t already know one another. With a photo booth, attendees can create and stage their own photo scene with accessories and props, then wait a few minutes to get a printed or digital copy that they can share with friends or keep as a fun memory. 

Photo booth fun poses
Photo booth accessories

5. Digital photo booths can do so much more than just take photos

Your professional photographer will take photos that are edited and finalised after the event. You will then have access to an online gallery or PDF containing the best photos from the event. In contrast, a photo booth can do much more than just take photos. Our photo booth options can take Boomerang videos, instantly create GIFs, or even film and create short snippets of video. These forms of digital content are extremely popular on social media, so you can encourage your guests to share on their own accounts. 

With our New Zealand photo booth hire packages, all of the digital content created is branded with a video overlay. This can be personalised for your event, including elements like your wedding hashtag or company logo. 

6. For corporate events, you’ll generate valuable marketing content

If you’re organising a massive corporate function, it makes sense to hire a professional photographer to capture images that will be ideal for your annual report, shareholder meetings or company newsletter.  These formal event photos aren’t necessarily ideal for digital marketing – but your photo booth images will be!

Photo booth images show casual and fun images of your staff or event attendees having a great time, and even better, they’re a powerful marketing tool. Each image (print and digital) includes a photo overlay that’s been designed just for your company, featuring your business name, social media handles, logo, or hashtag. After the event, as attendees share their images online or with friends and family, each photo becomes a valuable marketing tool, increasing brand awareness for your business. 

Photo booth instant sharing
Photo booth set up

7. Instant photo sharing is more popular than ever 

While your event photographer is likely to take at least a couple of weeks to send through your event images, your photo booth images are instant. Within seconds of capturing an image, attendees can enter their email or phone number, or scan a QR code to get a copy of their image right away. No one likes to wait, and event attendees, especially of a younger generation, love the excitement of sharing images and videos in real-time when they’re at an event – and a photo booth makes this possible. Your guests will love seeing and sharing snaps from the event right away, without needing to wait for the professional images to be ready. 

If you’re hoping to hire a photo booth in Auckland NZ or the surrounding area, get in touch with us to discuss your needs. With modern, stylish and branded photo booths, we can recommend the best possible option for your upcoming function.